Full Service Mold Maker

Full service mold maker that prides ourselves
in providing  clients with quality solutions


Delmo Molds is a full-service mold maker. We provide clients with support services designed to save our clients time and money! We offer mold repairs and refurbishment to the molds we built, but also to molds designed and built by other mold makers!

3 Dimensional Concept Models

  • Creating Product Concepts
  • Realistic Rendering for detailed evaluations
  • Simulate Product Functionality
  • Reduced delivery time

Product Drawing

  • Drawing of all dimensions and finishes of components
  • Material specifications and castings
  • Tolerances and limits of each components
  • Process Sheet

SLA Modelling

  • High-accuracy prototypes
  • Product development
  • Fast build and delivery times
  • Low cost

Quality Control

  • Engineering requirements met
  • Visual Inspection
  • Tooling Inspection
  • Mechanical testing

Reverse Engineering

  • Reproducing a part or design
  • Complete Analysis
  • Discovering product & tooling vulnerabilities
  • Product development

Repairs, Modifications, and Mold Conversions

  • Troubleshooting & diagnosing mold performance
  • Overhaul, repair, and returned to original condition
  • Mold Maintenance
  • Spare parts