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Molding Solutions

Our team has a wide range of expertise in injection molding solutions that we bring to the table with our clients. Our valuable knowledge in creating molds proves to be reliable, efficient, and keeps operating costs down! Our solutions always carefully determine the need of clients and consider the environment where the mold operates.
Delmo’s wide range of solutions include, but are not limited to: Prototype Molds, Single Face Molds, Stack Molds, Slide Action Molds, Bump off Molds, and Multi-Stage Injection Molds.

First Class Injection Molding Solutions

Hot Runner Technology

Delmo incorporates a custom-built hot runner system into each built mold, which includes a wide array of customization to help optimize the mold. We also offer quick change colour tips, valve gates, hot-edge gates, straight-through tips, and more. These products and services result in improved product quality and lower cycle times! Hot runners made by Delmo will meet customer needs and maintain competitive prices!

Mold Testing

Our testing specialists ensure that every mold, and every component of it, are made to Delmo standards by replicating operating conditions and using several mold injection machines. Once testing is complete, Delmo generates a detailed report that demonstrates the mold’s optimal settings needed to ensure quality parts while keeping cycle times low.

Each Mold Is Accompanied With Complete Mold Manual Containing:

– Parts Drawings
– Molds Assembly Drawings & Bill of Materials
– Stack Drawings
– Water & Air Circuit Schematic Diagrams
– Mold Maintenance Manual
– Hot Runner Maintenance Procedures
– Mold Set-Up

Mold Start-up Assistance

Delmo offers a complete Mold Start-Up Assistance for every mold that we send out. A Delmo Specialist helps the client safely operate the mold and make any fine-tune adjustments, if necessary. They ensure that the molds are running properly and making quality parts.

Quick Mold Repair Services & Support

Mistakes are bound to happen, but Delmo is here to help! We offer clients Quick Mold Repair Services that will help get them back up and running!

This can include any repairs, maintenance, spare parts, or stacks. Delmo provides clients with prompt, comprehensive after-sales support, available regardless of locationor day of the week.

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