Why Choose Delmo Molds

Delmo Molds is a full-service mold maker based in Ontario, Canada- we specialize in dinnerware, closures, flip tops, and medical molds. With over 30 years of experience in Plastic Injection Molding, Delmo prides itself as the customers’ first choice in custom molding solutions- whether it is an intricate, high cavitiation mold or a simple prototype.

With Delmo’s extensive knowledge in plastic injection molding, our approach to mold designs has allowed us to create mold that have balanced hot runners, efficient cooling, and ease of maintenance. This has resulted in customers being able to achieve shorter cycle times and having more consistent qaulity in parts.

Delmo Molds | First choice in custom molding solutions

Delmo Molds - Full-service mold manufacturing in Canada

Our Build Philosophy


Each mold that we build here at Delmo molds is meticulously thought-out and designed to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. Delmo works to push the boundaries and create molding solutions that increase efficiency and reliability. We achieve these goals by rigorously testing each mold built and duplicating production conditions to determine any challenges it may face.

Our Team

The Delmo Team is composed of many excellent and skilled individuals who have been the key to Delmo’s success in setting the industry standard. We are made up of a diverse team, each bringing unique experiences and skill, making us ready to overcome any challenge that may arise. Our team is proud of our positive impact and is prepared to help our customers succeed.



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