Delmo Molds Inc.

Manufacturing quality injection

molds in Ontario, Canada since 1986.

Leading our company is a management team of professionals with over 60 years of experience! Delmo has developed a solid reputation in the industry as a leading designer and manufacturer of hot runner injection molds. Our extensive experience and innovative mindsets here at Delmo give us the advantage of meeting the changing needs of the industry and exceeding customer expectations! Our client satisfaction indicates Delmo’s success; we are committed to ensuring our clients receive valuable services in quality, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivered solutions.

All about Delmo Molds | Full-service mold maker in Ontario

Delmo Molds - Molding services in Canada
about us

Delmo Molds Inc. began in 1986 and has continued to produce quality injection molds for various industries. Working in a highly competitive market, Delmo differentiates itself with our cutting-edge technology, innovative thinking, strategic planning, and strong work ethic, thriving to this very day.

Experience & Capabilities

Our management team has been working in the industry for 60 years. Delmo, as a company, has been around for over 30 years! Mold Manufacturing requires ultra-fine precision. Delmo Molds’ proto-typing and production facilities take advantage of the latest CAM software and modern NC and CNC machine systems to maximize production efficiency and optimize production costs!

Serving a Global Market

With 30+ years in the industry, Delmo’s clients have grown extensively to include companies from all over the world! Also, many of our clients come from the pharmaceutical industries and the food and berage industries.