Delmo Molds Inc.

Manufacturing quality injection

molds in Ontario, Canada since 1986.

Owned and managed by a team of professionals with over 60 years of experience, Delmo has developed a solid reputation in the industry as a leading designer and manufacturer of hot runner injection molds.

Extensive experience plus continuous innovation have provided the Delmo team with a decided advantage to meet the changing needs of industry standards and exceed our client’s expectations. With clients’ satisfaction being the key indicator of Delmo’s success, our commitment is to ensure clients receive value-added services in quality, cost effective, and timely delivered solutions.

about us

Since its inception in 1986, Delmo Molds Inc. has been providing quality injection molds for various industries that have been built to last the times. Cutting edge technology, innovative thinking and strategic planning coupled with a tremendous work ethic are the reasons why we have continued to thrive in a highly competitive market to date.

Experience & Capabilities

Mold manufacture requires ultra-fine precision. Delmo Molds’ proto-typing and production facilities take advantage of the latest CAM software and modern NC and CNC machining systems to maximize production efficiency and optimize production cost.

Serving a Global Market

With 34+ years in the industry, Delmo’s client list has grown extensively to include companies from all around the world, with particular focus on the drug, food, and beverage industries.