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Your business needs high-quality, efficient injection molding solutions designed to fit your exact specifications and budget. At Delmo Molds, our experienced team can bring your ideas to life: Using the latest technological innovations, including modern CAM software and NC and CNC machine systems, we offer bespoke mold making and injection molding services that maximize production efficiency and reduce costs.

To ensure superior results, our Mississauga injection molding experts carefully consider both client expectations and the environment where each mold will operate. With over 60 years in the mold making industry, our management team has the skills needed to perform strategic planning and thorough quality testing, ensuring our molds provide unparalleled precision and durability. We also offer a diverse range of custom injection molding solutions, including Prototype Molds, Single Face Molds, Stack Molds, Slide Action Molds, Bump off Molds, and Multi-Stage Injection Molds, among others.

Founded in 1986, Delmo has transformed the Canadian mold making industry with our commitment to client care, innovative thinking, and our unique “full service” approach to mold creation. When you work with Delmo, you’ll have comprehensive support from start to finish, including access to 3D modelling services, product drawings, SLA modelling, and reverse engineering. At Delmo, taking your product from concept to reality is our passion.

What is Injection Molding

Have you ever wondered what toys, toothbrushes, and plastic packaging have in common? They’re all made using a specialized manufacturing process known as injection molding. During injection molding, molten plastic (usually a thermoplastic) is injected into custom molds made from metal, such as steel or aluminum. These molds form the plastic into the manufacturer’s desired shape, with the mold cavities creating hollow chambers in the plastic where necessary. The plastic component is then cooled and released from the mold.

Injection molding plays a crucial role in modern life; without it, it would be impossible to affordably mass-produce plastic products. The efficiency and precision of injection molding allows manufacturers to reproduce the same part thousands – or even millions – of times without error. Many essential items, including medical supplies and food packaging, are produced using custom injection molding.

Delmo Molds - Mutil-stage injection molding solutions in Canada

High quality parts that’ll meet your expectations.

Mold Making Process

  1. Material selection.
    The expert product designers at Delmo can help you analyze different injection molding materials, ultimately finding the best fit for your product. To verify that we’ve chosen the right material, we then create rapid prototypes and conduct thorough product tests.
  2. Quantity planning.
    Next, our team will discuss the number of products needed by the client. Determining product quantity is essential to choosing the correct type of mold; e.g., a prototype mold or a high-volume production mold.
  3. Mold flow analysis.
    Before making a mold, we perform what’s known as “mold flow analysis” using advanced mold flow analysis software, which generates a full report. This report provides information on crucial factors like cooling channel efficiency and the accuracy of the final product. Based on this report, we can troubleshoot any potential issues ahead of time, eliminating the risk of manufacturing errors.
  4. Mold creation.
    Our specialists use the latest CAM software and NC and CNC machine systems to efficiently design and produce durable, accurate, detailed metal molds. Once the molds have been created, we help our clients test, set up, and use their new molds.

Our Molding Solutions

Injection Molding Solutions

Over the years, Delmo has created thousands of molds for clients around the world, serving the pharmaceutical, personal care, and food and beverage industries, among others. This diverse experience allows us to provide injection mold making solutions that are reliable, efficient, affordable, and precisely tailored to our client’s expectations.

Whether you need Prototype Molds, Single Face Molds, Stack Molds, Slide Action Molds, Bump off Molds, or Multi-Stage Injection Molds, you can trust Delmo molds to meet your manufacturing needs.

Mold Testing

As an industry leader in quality, we perform rigorous testing to ensure that all molds and components are made to Delmo standards. Our testing specialists carefully replicate operating conditions and use multiple molds during testing to control for all possible variables. Once testing is complete, Delmo generates a detailed report outlining the optimal settings required to operate molds at peak efficiency.

Each Delmo mold includes a comprehensive manual containing:

  • Parts Drawings
  • Mold Assembly Drawings & Bill of Materials
  • Stack Drawings
  • Water & Air Circuit Schematic Diagrams
  • Mold Maintenance Manual
  • Hot Runner Maintenance Procedures
  • Mold Set-Up

Mold Start-Up Assistance

New to injection molding? We’re here to help! When you order a Delmo mold, you’ll receive complete Mold Start-Up Assistance. One of our specialists will show you how to operate your new mold safely and, if necessary, make adjustments. It’s our mission to ensure that your mold is running smoothly and producing quality parts.

Quick Mold Repair Services & Support

When you choose Delmo molds, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected downtime. As part of our commitment to our clients, we include comprehensive support and mold repair services with the purchase of any Delmo mold. If you encounter any issues with your molds, one of our specialists will assist you with on-site repairs, regardless of location or day of the week.

Hot Runner Technology

Our proprietary hot runner system is built into each Delmo mold, allowing for unmatched variety and customization while maintaining superior product quality and low cycle times. Choose from a wide array of quick change colour tips, valve gates, hot-edge gates, straight-through tips, and more to create your ideal mold design.

Our Products

Diverse Product Designs for Multiple Markets

Across various markets, Canadian businesses have come to rely on Delmo for their injection mold making solutions. Our unmatched commitment to quality and customer care has made us an industry leader in custom injection molding, and today, we offer a wide array of bespoke mold making services. Whether you need a high cavitation mold, an intricate mold, or a simple prototype, Delmo can turn your ideas into reality!

When you choose Delmo for your custom injection molding needs, you’ll enjoy a smooth, efficient working process that takes your product from start to finish. First, we’ll create a 3D model of your design, then we’ll make a mold design and prototype, giving you full control over the final product.

At Delmo, our dedicated engineering and design team leverages their diverse experience and expertise to deliver superior injection molding results. Since 1986, we’ve created thousands of different products and molding solutions spanning multiple markets. Some of our most popular products include molds for closures, flip tops, injection molded dinnerware, and medical supplies, but we’re able to serve virtually any market niche with our custom designs.

Delmo Molds - Dinnerware products molding solutions in Canada


Delmo Molds - Closure products molding solutions in Canada


Injection molded dinnerware is safe, durable, and lightweight and comes in a wide variety of styles and colours. Modern thermodynamic plastics emulate the finish of glass, without its fragility, and allow for incredible flexibility in usage and design. Check out our diverse selection of dinnerware injection molds to start planning your kitchenware collection today.

High-quality closures are essential for safe, effective food packaging, among other applications. At Delmo Molds, we can create molds for a wide range of different custom closures and tops designed to fit your products. Some of the closure types we offer include unscrewing, collapsing core, bump-off, and flip-top models, along with closures designed for personal care and cosmetic products. 


Delmo Molds - Medical products molding solutions in Canada


Delmo Molds - Flip top products molding solutions in Canada

Flips Top

Medical injection molding provides a cost-effective way to bring medical supplies to market quickly. Our custom injection molds allow laboratory and medical devices to be manufactured with top-quality finishes and tight tolerances in a hygienic setting, ensuring a safe, precise, and durable product. All Delmo medical molds are suitable for use with clean room environments and servo technology and come with enhanced support and product design services.


Flip tops maintain a superior seal that keeps products fresher for longer, while also providing consumers with greater convenience and control. Our custom injection molds allow clients to create high-quality flip tops in a broad range of sizes and designs. 

Injection Molding FAQs

What plastics can be used with injection molding?

Virtually any type of thermodynamic plastic can be used with injection molding, and several plastics may be combined together to create the best material for your project. The ten most popular plastics used for injection molding are as follows:

  • acrylic (PMMA)
  • acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
  • nylon (polyamide, PA)
  • polycarbonate (PC)
  • polyethylene (PE)
  • polyoxymethylene (POM)
  • polypropylene (PP)
  • polystyrene (PS)
  • thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
What certifications should you look for in an injection molding company?
The certifications required by injection molding companies vary by industry. However, a useful general credential to look for is ISO 9001 certification, which verifies that a manufacturing company consistently produces reliable, high-quality products.
What happens during injection molding?

First, plastic pellets are melted down into a liquid. Then, the liquid plastic is fed into a metal mold, where it cools and solidifies into the desired shape.

Why should I use injection molding?
Injection molding has multiple benefits that make it ideally suited to mass-producing plastic products. Injection molding is highly accurate, allowing large numbers of products (potentially into the millions) to be created with optimal detail and minimal waste. This creates an “economy of scale” that greatly lowers the price of each product, ensuring affordability for both manufacturers and consumers. Injection molded products can also be brought to market quickly because they typically don’t require finishing or refinement; as long as you use high-quality molds, your products will emerge from the mold with a smooth, attractive finish.
How quickly can parts be produced with injection molding?
Many different variables influence how quickly parts can be manufactured with injection molding, such as the complexity and intended use of the final product. However, in many cases, it’s possible to design a custom injection mold in one to two months. Once your mold is up and running, you can begin manufacturing parts immediately.
How do I know if injection molding is the right manufacturing process for my product?
Multiple criteria determine whether or not injection molding is the best choice for a product. Your product’s dimensions, intended application, and your budget, for example, are important factors when considering injection molding. Our experts can help advise you on whether or not injection molding is right for your project.

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