Delmo Molds is a full service mold maker with support services designed to save our clients time and money.

One of the factors in Delmo's success has been our ability to actively participate in our customer's product development.


These services include:

Repairs, Modifications, and Mold conversions

Delmo Molds offers mold repair and refurbishment for not only molds we have built, but for molds designed and built by other mold makers.

Mold Components & Testing

Delmo testing specialists generate detailed mold test reports utilizing several types of injection molding machines for testing purposes.

Each mold is accompanied with complete mold manual containing:

We offer complete startup assistance - a service made simple by the fact that Delmo methodology makes tooling adjustments and mold fine-tuning easy. Delmo provides production parts for customer quality approval before shipping the mold.

Regardless of where our clients are located, they can all count on prompt and comprehensive after-sales support.

When required, Delmo's worldwide quick mold repair service includes in stock spare parts and stacks, usually available for delivery on a 24 hour basis.